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What is Adventure Attractions?

Over the years we have found that using an analogy to describe how we
got where we are seems to work best; here goes...

You know that delicious candy cup that was created when peanut
butter crashed into chocolate? Yeah, two good things came
together to make one REALLY good thing. Well that's kind of what
happened here not with peanut butter and chocolate but rather
with an entertainment production company and a paintball
company. Two good things came together and created one
REALLY cool adventure attraction.

Our team of writers and producers develop movie-like scripts that
put you in the role of the "good guy". You use military-style paint-
ball gear to play out the storyline like a video game in real life
against actors who are the "bad guys". Mix all of this with a bunch
of sets on a stage/game map and you've got Adventure

This leads us to the age-old question:
Will you (the good guy) triumph over our actors (the bad guys)?

We currently have 13 different shows. Call 321.284.3838, and
we will tell you how to get into one of them.