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What people are saying...

"This was absolutey amazing!" Gary B. - Kissimmee, FL
"Unlike anyting I've ever done before!" Ben B. - Bedford, NH
"Great time! Mission accomplished! Can't wait to come back and play Zombie Adventure in October." Frank T. - Maitland, FL
"Lots of FUN!" Mark T - New York, NY
"I went RAMBO on them!" Sabine B. - New York, NY
"Awesome! I hit a bunch of those terrorists!" Max M. - New York, NY
"Our team leader yelled 'in coming' and then BOOM!" Bill S. - Ontario, Canada
"The explosions were really cool. Stuff was flying everywhere." Jennifer K. - St. Louis, MO
"The door to the personnel carrier opened and then bang, bang, bang!" Chad W. - Orlando, FL
"This is so cool - I want to work here." Jeremy G. - Atlanta, GA
"It's like being in a real battle but a lot more fun." Lt. Tom C. - 2 tours in Iraq
"If only my video game console could be this realistic!" Steve R. - Tinley Park, IL
"I just kciked some terrorist butt, and I liked it!" Eric J. - Seattle, WA
"This show was the coolest thing I've ever done." Kathy M. - Los Angeles, CA
"When the enemy started shooting at me, I said 'Oh sh*t!'" Jeffrey L. - Yukon, OK
"I liked behing able to pick the "easy" level - play was just as fun, but I didn't ge tall shot up." Karen K. - Ocala, FL
"The hard level was so bad a**! The enemy kept coming and coming - I wont anyway." Luis S. - Nashville, TN
"Finally someobyd as created a 'real 4D' event." Tim H. - San Diego, CA
"All I can say is WOW!" Nicholas R. - Louisville, KY
"The timer was counting down, and the guy stopped it with only 2 seconds left - now I can breathe again." Terry D. - Cincinnati, OH
"Right after the team leader said 'watch your step' the guy next to be stepped on a land mine. He should have listened!" Frank N. - Chicago, IL
"Next time I play - I'm picking the hard level!" Michael S. - Cleveland, OH